Omnology in the UK



Why am I involved?

I came across Howard Bloom in 2000 – the initial hooks being the book Global Brain and Howard’s personality. Howard was linked by telephone to a conference that I attended in Boulder, Colorado. I became intrigued by his insatiable passion for what he later described as Omnology: looking back in at all life through the lenses of the full spectrum of science to reveal the fundamental patterns. This meta stance makes my soul sing. And that’s why I am involved.


What I am doing:

At present I am pondering how best to fulfill my UK focused HBI role and broader contribution.


What I do know is this:

1. My intent is bring Omnology to life as a new discipline. A discipline that creates a field within which latent human creativity is released.

2. My Intent is to ensure that Howard’s voice is embedded in the formation of the new narrative for Team Humanity. This will include meetings of great minds in a manner that can be broadcast, as well as direct involvement in fuzzy edge enquiries into handling “wicked problems.”

3. To exploit and persist with a theme that Howard Bloom exudes: “The horizons toward which we can soar are within us, anxious to break free, to emerge from our imaginings, then to beckon us forward into fresh realities. We have a mission to create, for we are evolution incarnate. We are her self-awareness, her frontal lobes and fingertips. We are second generation star stuff come alive. We are parts of something 3.5 billions years old, but pubertal in cosmic time. We are neurons of this planet’s interspecies mind.Howard Bloom