Covid – Beliefs Kill

by | Sep 25, 2021 | Article

America is in trouble.  We are at war with covid, and the delta variant of covid is beating us.
Two months ago, on July 17th we had only 83 deaths in a single day.  Now our daily death toll is topping 2,000.  On September 9th, it shot above 3,200.
As of today, the grand total of deaths we’ve racked up since the beginning of the covid crisis is over 690,000.  That’s more than the Spanish Flu of 1918-1921. And it’s more than the number of Americans killed in all of the wars of the 20th century.
We Americans lead the world in covid deaths. Brazil, which has an anti-vax president, comes in number two with 594,000 total deaths. And India, a nation with more the three times our population, has had only 447,000 deaths, 241 thousand less than we have.
Thanks to covid, our health system is seriously overstretched.  Idaho’s hospitals are so full that they are turning away patients and leaving them to go out of state or to die.  And hospitals in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Arkansas are overwhelmingly stressed.
Why are we doing so badly? We have the lowest vaccination rate of any nation in the G7—the seven most important democracies in the world.
There’s a reason. It’s  a battle of belief systems.
Many are convinced that covid is a hoax designed to help an invisible elite turn America into a Marxist, totalitarian dictatorship.  A hoax designed to strip us of our freedoms.  Masks and lockdowns, they say, are clever ruses with which this secret elite is getting us to imprison ourselves.
That secret elite, the theory goes, are globalists who have sex with children, then sacrifice these innocent kids to the devil.
For this group, covid vaccines are dangerous experimental injections filled with microchips designed by Bill Gates to track your movements and to help the secret elite reduce the population by crimping your fertility.
For many of these believers, the real killers are not the covid coronaviruses.  The real killers are masks and vaccines.
This view is so pervasive that hospital patients in intensive care units diagnosed with covid, covid patients in danger of death, have ripped their oxygen masks off and marched out of the building proclaiming that covid does not exist.
The battle of belief systems has changed the very nature of the pandemic here in America.
The pandemic is over for folks who have been vaccinated.  At most it gives vaccinated people an infection that acts like a mild cold.
But the pandemic is getting more and more deadly for those who refuse the vaccine.  Over 95% of covid deaths are striking down just one population—the unvaccinated.
People Magazine highlighted a strong and healthy 24 year old father in Montana who believed, in his words, “that the vaccine was not a real vaccine, that it was like a tracking
chip that the government was trying to use on us,” When the 24-year old was hospitalized with covid, he told NBC News from his hospital bed, “that what he had heard was ‘just a whole bunch of crap that isn’t true. This is very real,’” he said, “it’s very scary.”
He concluded that “As soon as I can, I’m getting the vaccine, …And I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t to do it, because this is a very scary situation.”
The young father never got the chance to get the vaccine.  The weekend of September 18th, he died.
Meanwhile Republican Kentucky senator Rand Paul sent out a mailer saying “I desperately need more allies in the U.S. Senate willing to join my fight to END all lockdowns, [and] fire Anthony Fauci and the Mask Mafia.”  Voices like Rand Paul’s are killing Americans
Meanwhile, Americans are on edge.  Roughly one sixth are drinking heavily according to a new Harris poll. And 16 to 24 year olds are battling anxiety about a climate apocalypse.
According to a global survey of 10,000 kids, 60% say they are profoundly worried about the climate crisis. Seventy-five percent say the future is frightening.
But with or without a climate crisis, 23% of adult Americans have not had the shot.  And vaccine refusal is suicide.
George Noory, the host of Coast to Coast AM, the show on which I do news commentary every Wednesday night, asked me a year ago if I knew anyone who had covid.  I didn’t then, but I do now.
Emmy-winning film director Charlie Hoxie, the director of the award-winning feature-length documentary about me, The Grand Unified Theory of Howard Bloom, came down with covid three weeks ago.  All he had were the symptoms of a mild cold.  Charlie had been vaccinated.
Meanwhile, I have another friend, Robert David Steele, the world’s leading expert on open source intelligence.  I wrote the preface for one of Robert’s books.  Robert came down with covid roughly a month ago.  But he was a ferocious anti-vaccine warrior. He had bought into the conspiracy theories and preached them powerfully.  So he had not been vaccinated.  To my shock and horror, three weeks ago Robert died.
So did five radio hosts who preached to their audiences at the top of their lungs that covid was a hoax.  In one month, August, all five of them died.  Of covid.
The bottom line: no matter what you believe, please, please get vaccinated.
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