How Space Can Save Ukraine

by | Mar 27, 2022 | Article

According to a leading figure in the defense community, a retired general who prefers to remain anonymous, space can save us from the next Ukraine.

Here’s how.

Says the general, “Imagine this.  At 7:00 AM, Russia moves troops across the border into Ukraine. Fifteen minutes later a pre-loaded SpaceX starship lifts off with a payload of 3,000 drones. Within 30 minutes of launch. the drones swarm the Russian troops. The drones paralyze the Russian operation by disabling any piece of equipment that uses an electron 

“The drones,” the general continues, “also stop soldiers whose rifles do not have electrons by tracking the men, and applying force through directed energy and kinetic means to paralyze all movement.  Drones out of energy can recover back to friendly territory for recharge and reuse. And another Starship can be launched as needed for seamless operations.”

“Simultaneously,” explains the general, “a constellation of satellites called brilliant pebbles  is watching every point on the planet and can see any launch of a nuclear missile. That same constellation has the ability to apply directed energy or kinetic technologies to destroy any missile launched.  The speed of this capability can destroy any weapon within the geographic boarders of the nation launching the attack.” 

The general points out that, “These are examples of what we can achieve with today’s ‘off-the-shelf’ technologies, technologies that we could use to affordably and quickly paralyze evil behavior and prevent nuclear escalation.

“If we had begun to build these systems of Starships and drone swarms in 2014,” concludes the general, “when Russia first invaded Ukraine, we’d have had them in time  to stop Russia’s current Ukraine assault.” 

“Now,” says the retired general, “we have to make sure we have this system in place before the next attack.  And before the Chinese can put a system of this kind together and use it to paralyze us.”