How Muslim Nations Manipulate You

by | Oct 21, 2023 | Article

There is a bigger dimension to the Israel-Hamas conflict than at first meets the eye. It’s the global dimension.  

The Axis of Evil is an undeclared global military, economic, and political alliance.  Its key players are  China, Russia, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Cuba.  

Iran uses Hamas as one of its roughly seven proxy armies in foreign countries.  In fact, Iran helps Hamas build rockets and supplies those rockets’ technology and parts.  

Five thousand of these Iranian-backed rockets rained down on innocent civilian targets in Israel in just the first day of the current Hamas War.  And more rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians every day since. 

Yet the newest twist in Hamas’ propaganda game is to demonize not just Israel, but the entire West.  And to focus all the news cameras of the world on the plight of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.  This tactic ignores the massacre of 1,400 Israelis that started the current war.  It says that the West is  complicit in the unprovoked massacre of  Palestinian civilians.  And the notion that attacks on Hamas are unprovoked is a lie. 

Strange as it sounds, this blame-shift helps China and Russia turn the Global South away from the Democratic West and drives the less developed world into the arms of the Axis of Evil.  It drives two thirds of the world’s population, 130 countries, into the arms of the real mass murderers: the Russians trying to exterminate the people of an entire nation, the Ukraine.  And the Chinese locking two million members of an entire ethnic group into concentration camps, the Muslim Uyghurs of China’s Xinjiang. 

How do China and Russia accomplish this?  Through Hamas’s sponsor, Iran.  Iran is allied with China and Russia through the Axis of Evil. 

Remember, bombs fall every day aimed at civilians in Israel.  Five hundred thousand Israelis have been displaced from their homes and turned into refugees within their own country.  The Axis of Evil strategy pretends this is not happening.  And the press goes along with that policy.  It hardly carries this news. 

How do the Muslim nations pull off this headlock on you and me?  There is a weapon in the Muslim military arsenal called Taqiya.  It was started by Mohammed himself during one of the 65 military campaigns he commanded and the 27 wars of conquest he personally participated in. Campaigns that allowed Mohammed to conquer 317 square miles of territory a day. 

Mohammed sent one of his warriors to visit a childhood friend who was among the Prophet’s enemies.  And to give that friend incorrect information on Mohammed’s troops and their movements.  In other words, to lie.  And using that lie, Mohammed won the war. 

How is that principle being used today? The Muslim world has been working for at least forty years to control the West’s perceptions of the Middle East, and to turn those perceptions against Israel.  In the 1980s Saudi Arabia committed four billion dollars a year to a perceptual war.  That’s over nine billion in today’s dollars.  

As one of its first steps, this perception-grab endowed chairs in Middle Eastern Studies departments at a slew of universities, starting with Harvard.  This allowed the Saudis to replace the old Middle East Study experts with Muslims who would have expert credentials, but would parrot the Saudi party line.  

At the same time, an international Islamic group called The Muslim Brotherhood set up Muslim Student Association chapters on hundreds of university campuses.  Those chapters were made to appear as local organizations.  They were not.  They were controlled out of Egypt and were part of an international attempt to twist the news.  And to twist the way a vulnerable population, college students, saw their world.  

Later those organizations would be joined by local chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine. And Students for Justice in Palestine would be supported in part by the same people who help finance Hamas.  It’s Students for Justice in Palestine who are behind the anti-Israeli protests on college campuses today. 

But when you think of Students for Justice in Palestine, remember that Islam’s goal is not what you and I would call justice.  It’s world conquest.  In the words of one of Islam’s greatest experts, the Ayatollah who founded the today’s Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Palestinian struggle is part of a “war of conquest, the final aim of which is to put Qur’anic law in power from one end of the earth to the other.”  In other words, Justice in militant Islam is the imposition of Sharia law worldwide.  At a cost of many unbelievers’ lives. 

Meanwhile, there are 57 nations in a formal organization called the Organization for Islamic Cooperation   Yes, 57 nations.  Each of those major countries has expensive, well-connected lobbyists in Washington DC.  So the force of the combined Islam Lobby in Washington is enormous.  And that lobby also works to manipulate the West’s press.   

Among other things, this group labored for decade after decade to get us to censor ourselves when it comes to Islam.  To accomplish this, they promoted a new concept, Islamophobia.  Meaning that any criticism of Islam was a form of something we try hard to eliminate from our vocabulary–racism. 

The worldwide Islamic community also paid for activists from groups like Black Lives matter to visit Israel so they could be indoctrinated in the Palestinian point of view. 

The result?  Middle East Studies departments have become indoctrination labs for the Muslim point of view.  So have Students for Justice in Palestine chapters.  And the number of Muslim anchorwomen and reporters on TV channels in the United States and England has mushroomed.  So the news in America has been tilted away from Israel and to the Islamic side.  Using the deaths of Hamas’ human shields as tools to change your emotions and mine. 

And using the gullibility of the nations of the Global South to take hold of the minds of two thirds of the world’s population.


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