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The Lucifer Principle Resources

Wikipedia Article on The Lucifer Principle

Buy The Lucifer Principle book available on Amazon

Check out The Lucifer Priniciple reviews on Goodreads

Google Docs Powerpoint on The Lucifer Principle

Audiobook Version read by Martin Hillgartner Part 1

Audiobook Version read by Martin Hillgartner Part 2

Outdoor Philosophy on the Secular and Philosophical Aspects of The Lucifer Principle

Discussion of The Lucifer Principle on Agile Uprising

Global Brain Resources

Publishers Weekly gives a Review of Global Brain

Buy Global Brain the book on Amazon

Check the Reviews for the book Global Brain on Goodreads

Howard Bloom discussing Global Brain at Thrivals 3.0

Howard Bloom gives a summary of Global Brain on IFTV

Howard Bloom on Tommy Carrigan’s Podcast talking about his book Global Brain

The Genius Of The Beast Resources

Buy The Genius of the Beast book on Amazon

Check out the Reviews of The Genius of the Beast on Goodreads

Discussing a radical revision of capitalism with Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks

Radio show with Rob McConnell interviewing Howard Bloom about The Genius of the Beast

The God Problem Resources

Buy The God Problem Book on Amazon

Check the Reviews for the book The God Problem on Goodreads

Howard Bloom is Interviewed by Jordan Petersen in this YouTube video

Howard Bloom explaining how the universe was created, and how it may end

The Muhammad Code Resources

How I Accidentally Started The Sixties Resources

Buy the book How I Accidentally Stared The Sixties on Amazon

Check the Reviews for the book How I Accidentally Started the Sixties on Goodreads

Howard Bloom has a conversation with Stephen Macknick of Punkcast

Rob McConnell interviews Howard Bloom about his book How I Accidentally Started the Sixties

Einstein, Michael Jackson & Me Resources

Buy Einstein, Michael Jackson & Me Book on Amazon

Check the Reviews of Einstein, Michael Jackson & Me book on Goodreads

Host of Michael Jackson’s Bookclub interviews Howard Bloom

Michael Shermer interviews Howard Bloom about his book Einstein, Michael Jackson & Me

4 Part Interview with Dov Baron on Curiosity Bites Podcast

Part 1 – The Michael Jackson – Einstein Connection

Part 2 – One Square Inch of Aesthetic Ecstasy

Part 3 – The Infrastructure of Fantasy

Part 4 – Doom Riders, Living On One Poisonous Pill

Reviews & Articles Resources

Howard Bloom’s Wikipedia Page

New York TimesHow Howard Bloom spends his Sundays

New Paltz, SUNY Lecture on Sex, Physics and Evolution

New York TimesReview: A Career Rewritten

MENAFN – Howard Bloom on Space Solar Power – The Solution to Man-Made Climate Change

ThroomersQ&A with Howard Bloom

CIRCUS Magazine Resources

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Gerald Rothberg’s Twitter

CIRCUS Magazine Wikipedia Page 

CIRCUS Magazine’s Official Website

Download Published Issues of CIRCUS Magazine

The Space Development Steering Committee

Howard Bloom is the Founder and Chairman of The Space Development and Steering Committee a group that has included astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the sixth man on the moon, Edgar Mitchel, and members from the National Science Foundation, NASA, the National Space Society, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and the Department of Defense.

Various other Resources

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