The Grand Unified Theory of Howard Bloom (2020)

Howard Bloom’s field is mass behavior, from the mass behavior of quarks to the mass behavior of human beings.  Each of his seven books is a radically different exploration of that mass behavior, from the birth of the first atoms (The God Problem), to the evolution of multicellular beings (Global Brain), to the biological roots of evil (The Lucifer Principle),  to the operation of economies (The Genius of the Beast), and to the search for the gods inside of you and me in the dark underbelly where new myths and movements are made, a search for the gods inside of you and me in the power  pits of rock and roll (Einstein, Michael Jackson & Me).

This lifelong journey has refined what has been referred to as Bloom’s Grand Unified Theory. Three phrases that sum up his GUT:

-The cosmos on a quest to discover her potential

-The universe of the supersized surprise

-Your story from the big bang that produced your matter to what’s going on in your brain as you read this sentence


The Grand Unified Theory is a product of Omnology.

Learn more of how it came to be, in the video below.

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Howard Bloom spent much of the 1970s and 80s as the publicist for iconic musicians like Michael Jackson, Prince, Joan Jett, Run-DMC, Aerosmith, Bob Marley, Billy Joel, Queen, Paul Simon, and Bette Midler. When a rare disease left him housebound for 15 years, Bloom went back to the field he’d been in since he was ten, his science, publishing seven books on evolutionary psychology and humanity’s role in the cosmos. Now in his 70s, the eccentric philosopher readies an unfathomably long masterwork that will unify all of his unorthodox theories, and makes plans for his legacy.