We would be absolutely ecstatic to have others who are just as interested in Omnology, Saving Western Civilization, Space, Science, and more to get involved with the institute and the many projects we are currently stirring up. If this is something that interests you, and you would like to contribute, or be apart of the institute in some way? No matter your preference level of involvement, you would be a true joy! Here are the first few things you can do!

  • Explore the website, the blog, and the loads of information we have to offer, and sign up for our newsletter, located on the homepage.
  • Would you like to write an article for the blog of any topic that interest you? We only ask you tie it back to Omnology.
  • We have weekly meetings every Tuesday at 8pm EST. If you would be interested to have a more in-depth discussion of your possible contributions to the institute, we would be happy for you to join! Contact Us for more information.

Join our Discord Server

Here you will be able to speak with some members of the team directly, and have discussions with other like-minded individuals about all things in the realm of Omnology! – With Warmth and Oomph!